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Valentines Day a Personalised Teddy that sings your name.

Valentines Day is a day to show your loved with a special personalisied gift.

We have Personalised Teddies that sing your name or record your personal message. This is a gift that is especially suited to a child who is in hospital and can press a button on teddy to play the message, maybe a message from Mum and Dad is especially comforting when the child is alone through the night when Mum and Dad.Personalised-Singing Teddy Bear Dark Brownd have gone home.

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Singing Teddy

Singing Teddy sings songs.

Singing Teddy is a beautiful gift for a child so unique this little toy is so soft and cuddly and loved by all.

Singing Teddy is a great comfort for any child, when its time to go to bed, more so if a child has to be in hospital or away from the parents for whatever reason this little Teddy becomes such a secure friend.

Singing Teddy has his own Birth Certificate with his name. date of birth, height and weight, fur and eye  colour and most importantly who he belongs to. This makes this Sing Teddy so unique and important.

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My Very Own Story _ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story_ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story _ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story personalised books create the perfect opportunity to have your very own business to work at home, work when you want, work the hours you want, work where you want, including markets in various towns at kindergartens, schools, home party plan demonstrations, child care places, mums groups in fact anywhere there are people in the perfect location.

My Very Own Story books are so easy to sell, they instantly self sell, the minute a person reads a few lines from the first page, its an instant sale, as these books are personalised making the child the star of the story.

As you read the story the child features as the star and 3 of his/her friends feature in the story as they go on a magical adventure with the story. Having the first names of these friends make this book a book to treasure for a lifetime for a child remembering the day they received it.

The first page of the book features the name of the person giving the book together with the well wishes from that person who will never be forgotten.

My Very Own Story Personalised Books-The perfect Gift

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Personalised Books

Personalised Books by My very Own Story.


My Very Own Story Personalised Books are beautifully bound with washable hard covers, delightful illustrations, 12 pages where the story is all about the child by having the name throughout the story.

My Very Own Story books all include the 1st name of 3 friends who go on the adventure with the star of the story, your child.

Children love to read stories about themselves and the friends they know and love.

For a delightful gift for a child go to

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My Very Own Story Personalised cds Your Child is a Star

My Very Own Story Personalised cds- Your Child is the Star of the Story

Personalised cds and Personalised Books


Suitable for children 3-10 years  Interactive cd-rom is designed for the customer to personalise themselves with the child’s name, 2 friends and an adult.  There are 3 levels of reading, once familiar with level one the child can progress to level 2 and 3 with lots of memory games and puzzles, jigsaws and printouts to colour.

As the child reads the story there are fun interactive animations on each page to explore, with the click of the mouse make the birds fly, the flowers bloom, the animals vocal, doors and windows open and much more.

Can be share by other  family children learning to read, aids in computer and keyboard skills. Reading has never been so much fun.

Children absolutely love this cd and will play them over and over and gain more reading skills as they enjoy reading about themselves and their friends. Each story has a meaningful message.

There are matching title personalised books as well.

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Work from Home Mums

Here is a great opportunity for Mums to have their own business working from home in the hours they want to work.

My Very Own Story Books and cds offer the great opportunity to work online, on facebook, at markets, party plan or at playgroups.  No experience necessary.

We do all the work and post your order to your client.

See our Be a Seller page for full details.

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Want some extra money for Christmas Work at Home

Work at Home and earn some extra money.

If that fits your desire, then check us out, we sell kid’s personalised books and you can too.

You can earn money up front for every book you sell, no money outlaid for stock, just sell and earn.

Want to know more then check out Be a  Seller on on website kids books

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Book Week at Schools

Book Week at Schools

Has your child his/her very own personalised book to show at book week?

We have some great titles here as A Day at the Zoo, Too Many Monsters, A Train Adventure, The Fairy, The Princess Ballerina, Santa.

Each book contains the child’s name, age, suburb, 1st names of 3 friends and a short message from the giver.


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Work from Home

Would you like to have a small home business for extra income then check us out at be a seller.

You can get started as soon as you now in time for Christmas trading.

Personalised books are a great gift for all children and with 6 titles to choose from there is one for every child, why not make a library.

Children love to read about themselves and their friends which is what these personalised books do, they create a desire for the child to read.

There are also self personalising cds for the child to make themselves.personalised-kids-bookspersonalised-kids-books-gifts