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My Train Adventure Personalised Book


My Train adventure is about a ride on a steam engine. When the journey remarkable events start to happen, a scary bridge, and a ride in the drivers cabin.

Every child loves a ride in a steam engine from the past adventure days.

Personalised books are enjoyed by all kids to day as they create the joy of reading about themselves and their friends that are in the story.

These books are a great keepsake.

Hardcover and beautifully illustrated.

There is also a matching cd-rom with games to play and puzzles to do and can be shared by all the kids in the family with the three levels of reading,personalised book train adventurePersonalised cd rom - Train Adventure

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My Train Adventure Personalised Book

Personalised cd rom - Train Adventure

My Train Adventure Personalised Book

The Train Adventure is a ride on a stem engine, When the journey begins remarkable events start to happen, a scary bridge and a ride on the driver’s cabin.

The Train Adventure book is custom made specially for your child with their name and the 1st names of 3 friends as well as a message from the person giving the book. A cd rom is also available.

Personalised books encourage the joy of reading, children love to hear their name and the names of their friends.

Books are suitable from 1 to 5 years and measure 15×25 cm with hard cover beautifully illustrated. They become a treasured item for years to come.

personalised book train adventure

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The Fairy Personalised Book

The Fairy Personalised Children’s Book is a story of the greatest wish fulfilled. If you ever yearned to find a Fairy at the bottom of the garden then book is for you.The magic of Fairy stories is a great delight for children especially when their name and the 1st names of 3 friends in in the story adventure with them.

Books are hardcover, beautifully illustrated and measure 25x15cm.

There is an interactive cd rom available of the same tile full of games and puzzles.fairy personalised book

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A Day at the Farm Personalised Book

A Day at the Farm takes a group of children out to visit a real life farm with hands on experience where they feed the baby calves, pet the goats and a ride on a wagon. It is a great adventure for children who love reading about themself and their friends when they hear their names mentioned as part of the story.

An interactive cdrom of the same title is also available full of games and puzzles.personalised books day at the farm

Hardcover beautifully illustrated 23cm x 15cm

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Work at Home Mums Wanted

Work at Home Mums Wanted


Work with kid’s personalised books

If you would like to earn a few extra dollars then why not join our team selling these fantatsic personalised books?

Every Mum knows how much a child loves to read a story about themself and their friends, even the suburb they live is included in the book.

You can work where you like, when you like and to whom you like to sell to, other Mums at playgroups, kindies, home parties, even other shops,

You are totally free and we do all the printing and posting for you.

If you would like to know more then checkout our web page  Be a seller.


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Personalised Gifts for Mothers Day

Personalised Gifts for Mother is a great time to share your love with a special gifts that has been specially selected with Mum in mind. Choosing the perfect gift from our website is easy. for example a photo gift, an apron, a t shirt, a personalised bottle of wine, a personalised clock, a name meaning , a family name meaning, all these gifts are available from our website

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Valentines Day a Personalised Teddy that sings your name.

Valentines Day is a day to show your loved with a special personalisied gift.

We have Personalised Teddies that sing your name or record your personal message. This is a gift that is especially suited to a child who is in hospital and can press a button on teddy to play the message, maybe a message from Mum and Dad is especially comforting when the child is alone through the night when Mum and Dad.Personalised-Singing Teddy Bear Dark Brownd have gone home.

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Singing Teddy

Singing Teddy sings songs.

Singing Teddy is a beautiful gift for a child so unique this little toy is so soft and cuddly and loved by all.

Singing Teddy is a great comfort for any child, when its time to go to bed, more so if a child has to be in hospital or away from the parents for whatever reason this little Teddy becomes such a secure friend.

Singing Teddy has his own Birth Certificate with his name. date of birth, height and weight, fur and eye  colour and most importantly who he belongs to. This makes this Sing Teddy so unique and important.

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My Very Own Story _ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story_ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story _ Work at Home Small Business

My Very Own Story personalised books create the perfect opportunity to have your very own business to work at home, work when you want, work the hours you want, work where you want, including markets in various towns at kindergartens, schools, home party plan demonstrations, child care places, mums groups in fact anywhere there are people in the perfect location.

My Very Own Story books are so easy to sell, they instantly self sell, the minute a person reads a few lines from the first page, its an instant sale, as these books are personalised making the child the star of the story.

As you read the story the child features as the star and 3 of his/her friends feature in the story as they go on a magical adventure with the story. Having the first names of these friends make this book a book to treasure for a lifetime for a child remembering the day they received it.

The first page of the book features the name of the person giving the book together with the well wishes from that person who will never be forgotten.

My Very Own Story Personalised Books-The perfect Gift