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Kid’s Art on a Mug


Do you have a favourite drawing or art from your child from Kindi or preschool ?

We can print it onto a mug, together with the name and date for you to keep as a special memento.

Your child will be so proud to see his masterpiece on display or being used by you.

A special gift for grandparents, aunts or special people in their life.

Kid's Art Mug

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Kid’s Mug Personalised with their Name

Kid’s Mug Personalised with their Name

A special mug for a child with their name.

This mug features an image from one of the My Very Own Story range of Personalised Books so that the child has a book and a mug that relates to the Adventure story of their book.

Just another way a child can relate to their ownership of their own special mug.




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A Day at the Zoo Personalised Kid’s Book

A Day at the Zoo Personalised Kid’s Book

A book for kid’s to age 6/7Personalised childrens book - Day at the zoo

Kids love to read about themselves having a great time at the zoo seeing all the animals and relating with 3 people they know and love,

The story features a great time had by all and there is a message at the front of the book from the person giving the book which makes this book a treasured keepsake in years to come when the child again reads this book.

There is also a cd-rom of the same title which has jigsaws, memory games to play and 3 levels of reading to share among other children in the same family,

The child can personalise the cd them self and record their reading and then re record over and over.Personalised cd - Day at the ZooPersonalised kids cds giftsPersonalised childrens book - Day at the zoo

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Work at Home Mums Wanted

Work at Home Mums Wanted


Work with kid’s personalised books

If you would like to earn a few extra dollars then why not join our team selling these fantatsic personalised books?

Every Mum knows how much a child loves to read a story about themself and their friends, even the suburb they live is included in the book.

You can work where you like, when you like and to whom you like to sell to, other Mums at playgroups, kindies, home parties, even other shops,

You are totally free and we do all the printing and posting for you.

If you would like to know more then checkout our web page  Be a seller.


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Valentines Day a Personalised Teddy that sings your name.

Valentines Day is a day to show your loved with a special personalisied gift.

We have Personalised Teddies that sing your name or record your personal message. This is a gift that is especially suited to a child who is in hospital and can press a button on teddy to play the message, maybe a message from Mum and Dad is especially comforting when the child is alone through the night when Mum and Dad.Personalised-Singing Teddy Bear Dark Brownd have gone home.

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Personalised Music cds

Personalised-kids-music-cdsPersonalised Music cds that contain the child’s name are so delightful. The child sings along with the song and has a real thrill when they hear their name. Their name is sung 98 times throughout the play starting with a morning song then the days activities, games and then a Lullaby.

There are 4 titles You Can DO Anything, You’re an Angel, Its Your Birthday and You Are My Friend

These personalised Song cds are an ideal gift especially as a birthday gift for any child.

Check out our database for the name you require. I am sure it is there.