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My Very Own Story Personalised Books & cds.

My Very Own Story Personalised Children’s Books comprises 6 titles of beautifully illustrated hardcover, children’s stories.

They feature the child’s name, age, suburb and the names of 2 friends, and the name of an adult who takes the children on an exciting adventure.

On the front page it features a message to the child from the gift giver making this book a treasured keepsake.

The titles are The Fairy, A Day at the Farm, A Train Adventure, A Day at the Zoo, Too Many Monsters, A Christmas Adventure.

They measure 15cm x 23cm and have wipe down covers easy to clean after sticky fingers and contain 12 pages.

They are suitable for boys and girls from 2 to 8 years old, garantied to put a smile on a face when they hear their name and the names of their friends being read in the story.

We pride ourselves in posting within 24 hours of receiving your order. Great saver for those late ordered gifts.

My Very Own Story Personalised cds.  

These cds are self personalising, which means your child has the privalige of personalising the cd with his name, the name of 2 friends and an adult to make his own story.

There are 3 levels of reading so other children in the family can share the cd and they can move up to the next level as they progress.

There is a recording feature so they can record  their reading and playback to hear their manner of reading.

There are interactive games and jigsaw puzzles and lots more providing hours of fun.

The interaction is such with a click of a mouse the chimney smokes, the birds fly, the flowers bloom, the doors and windows open, simply a lot of fun.

Thee are 8 titles The Fairy, A day at the Zoo, Too Many Monsters, A Day at the Farm, A Train Adventure, A Christmas Adventure, A Day at the Zoo, The Red Planet.  Great for boys or Girls.

Suitable for ages 4 years to 10 years.