personalised singing teddy
Personalised Singing Teddy Bear

Light Brown Singing Personalised Teddy


Personalised singing Teddy Bears are EXTRA SPECIAL!

  • Our super cute Light Brown Teddy is big: 18 inches / 46 cms
  • He is extremely soft and cuddly and when you cuddle him, he sings a beautiful, full length personalised song
  • There are 4 personalised song choices for you which you can hear below or in the video clip to the right
  • Our sound modules are exceptional quality
  • Our sound modules operate on 3AAA batteries
  • One click of the sound module button plays your song – click it again and the song will stop
  • Our sound modules are completely removable, allowing you to thoroughly clean your Teddy Bear
  • Our sound modules can be purchased separately, allowing you to enjoy another of our personalised songs, being sung by your Teddy. Simply change over the sound module

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Singing Teddy Bears make wonderful, unique, thoughtful gifts

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Product Description

Personalised Singing Teddy Bears with a full personalised song. Great unique gift.This teddy bear is personalised to sing a song with your child’s name. Personalised Singing Teddy Bear comes in 3 colours