5 Tips on Raising Happy Children


Nurture and nature play important roles as far as raising children is concerned. There are several things that parents should do to ensure that children are raised in the right manner. Parents should ensure that the children consume the right nutrients, get enough quality sleep and stay healthy, both emotionally and physically. Here are some steps that may help you raise a happy child.

First, you should let your child be aware that you’re excited to see them as they enter the room. You should let them see that light dance inside your eyes when they look at you. You should be mindful of their presence through showing them your smile, and warmly greeting them. Call out their names aloud. Your child adores you the most. And imagine the returns after childhood that’s filled with much affection.

Secondly, you should teach the child it is okay to be bored. Yes, as parents our normal instinct is to keep on entertaining the child every waking hour. If we don’t have the energy and time, we allow the babysitter to do it on our behalf. However, when we depend on TV, or any other form of entertainment, we only succeed in limiting their imagination. The child has clear imaginations that only flourish when nurtured. But without opportunity for creativity, it all withers away. Give the child a piece of paper and crayons instead.

Thirdly, the child should know that they are more vital than work. You should give the child tender loving affection. The child doesn’t just need you around. He or she need you present. Therefore, play with the child. Discover what’s important to them through asking questions and be attentive to their answers. The child deserves a little bit of you every day. You shouldn’t let your work separate you from the child. Letting him or her know they are important just makes them happy.

Fourthly, you should allow the child to make a few rules. You do not have to make them the boss so as to let them feel that they are empowered. Sometimes, power struggles with the children are a result of them feeling they have lost control. You may curb easily such instances through allowing the child to feel like they are making some decisions. This is going to make them follow the rules.

Lastly, you should model appropriate behavior. Children normally do what they see, and not what they are told. When you need the child to be mindful of others, you too should do the same. When you need the child to be happy, you should also smile without hesitation. You are the role model to your child.

Source by Paul Anthony Beard

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