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Is your favourite little person afraid of bright lights?Maybe they don’t like loud noises or crowds.It’s not unusual for little ones to get stressed or upset in crowded places or even open spaces.Our new range of children’s books are here to help! Check out our latest titles:Going To The DoctorGoing To The SupermarketGoing To The […]

Would My Teenager Benefit From Life Coaching?

We hear more and more about life coaching in the media every day. Maybe you aren’t quite sure exactly what it is? When most of us hear the word “coach” we visualize someone with a whistle, out on a playing field, maybe shouting and waving a clipboard. He or she will guide the team through […]

Latest Product

Personalised Handmade Wine Glasses Glitter Stem For Couples Ideal Wedding Gift. These gorgeous wine glasses make the perfect gift for any special occasion, specially a wedding, engagement or anniversary. The stem is covered with gold glitter. The lettering is initials in black and name in gold. These wine glasses are ordered to be made custom […]

Organise Those Book Bags

Students start out the school year with a new book bag filled with pencils, pens, loose-leaf paper, notebooks, binders, pencil sharpeners, textbooks and so on. Each has its own compartment, too, at least at the beginning. As a former high school teacher, here’s what students sometimes told me when it came time to turn in […]

Bullying: How Parents Should React

  Children usually define bullying as pushing, hitting, or pulling another child’s hair at or around school or in the neighborhood. They may add yelling at someone, insulting or accusing somebody of things he/she didn’t do and intimidating or scaring a child to take his money or school things. Hurting someone morally such as spreading […]

Pre-Christmas Clearance Sale: My Very Own Story Christmas Story CD Roms

These personalised CDs are designed for you to install on your computer, you then personalise it yourself. This interactive CD-Rom is full of surprises it is personalised with the child’s name, age, suburb, 2 friends and an adult featured in the story. There are 3 levels of reading, once familiar with level one the child […]