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Recordable Teddy Sings Your Song Unique Gift 1

recordable teddy bear

Recordable Teddy Sings Your Song

This recordable teddy that records a song or a message to a sick child is a great comfort at special times.

Mum and Dad can record a special message on these Teddies and the child can press a button and their message will play.

A song can be recorded on Teddy and a child can go to bed with a lullaby playing as they go to sleep.

The family’s pet dog or cat can have the bark and meow recorded on Teddy and the child plays it with Teddy in his arms..

The recording device in Teddy can be recorded over and over.

A beautiful Teddy for any child.  A unique gift for Christmas or Birthday.


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Personalised kids’ books Great Gift 1

Personalised kids' books for Christmas

Personalised Kids’ Books

Personalised kids’ books will encourage your kids to read more.

There are 7 personalised books in the range and they all are printed with the name of the child and their 3 chosen friends as they all go on an adventure. The story includes the suburb they live in.

You can watch their eyes light up when they realise they are reading about themselves, its an incredible situation which is very true.

The books have washable hardcovers and beautiful printed images on each page.

On the first page it shows the name, age and suburb and a message from the person giving the gift.



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Personalised Kids’ CD Stories Unique Gift 1

Personalised Kids' CD Stories

Personalised Kids’ CD Stories

Personalised kids’ cd stories make your child the Star of thestories!

These unique stories grow with the child giving three reading levels with preschool.  The cd-rom develops their learning ability and is packed with interactive fun, games and puzzle and much more.  Each CD story is an interactive and personal adventure and there are eight cds in the full range.

Your Child’s name, their age, hometown, and even three friends appear throughout the story. You can choose the level of reading for your child. Once familiar with the story he can go up to the next level. There are puzzles, memory games and colouring pages that can be printed out with hours of entertainment for young and older children to share the same cd.

There is a recording feature to hear their reading and then swipe it clean and re record again.

A Day at the Farm, A Train Adventure, The Fairy, Too Many Monsters, The Red Planet,  Princess Ballerina, and A Day at the Zoo Christmas Adventure.

There are also the matching set of Personalised hard cover books which feature the child’s name and the first name of three friends who join them in the adventure.


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Personalised Adventure Books Great Birthday Gift for Kids 1

Personalised Adventure Books

Personalised Adventure Books Great Birthday Gift for Kids

These books are an ideal gift for kids’ birthdays.

Kids are amazed when they open the book and start reading about themselves and their real life friends going together in an amazing adventure.  There are 7  titles to choose from suitable for boys and girls.


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Kids’ Name Poems Unique Gift 1

Kids' Name Poems

Kids’ Name Poems

kids’ name poems for your kid or your friends’ kids is a great way to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion.

We can create a poem from the letters of your child’s name.  We can print it ready for you to frame and hang in the child’s bedroom.

A unique budget priced gift for any child for a birthday. Just contact us and let us know you’re interested.

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Peter Rabbit Wall Art Unique Gift For Kids’ Bedroom

Peter Rabbit Wall Art

Peter Rabbit Wall Art


Every child loves the Peter Rabbit collection of books and all the famous characters. So here is a collection of the most loved characters featured as wall art for your child’s bedroom.

This Wall art is an ideal gift on your child’s birthday, or the birthday of your friends’ children or any other occasion.

We can frame your Peter Rabbit favourite character and personalise it with your name.

Peter Rabbit Wall Art Unique Gift For Kids' Bedroom 1 Peter Rabbit Wall Art Unique Gift For Kids' Bedroom 2
Peter Rabbit Wall Art Unique Gift For Kids' Bedroom 3


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Personalised Fairy Book For Girls Great Birthday Gift 1

Personalised Fairy Book for Girls

Personalised Fairy Book for Girls



The personalised Fairy book is every girl’s dream. This story is about an adventure in the bottom of the garden where the child and her 3 friends have a delightful time in the garden with Belle the Fairy.

Includes the child’s name, age, suburb and the 1st name of 3 friends.

There is space for a short 5 word message on the first page of the book from the person giving the gift making it a true keepsake book.

The book comes with a hard cover and beautiful illustrations on every page throughout the book.

Check the pages of the Fairy book here.

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Kids’ Art on a Mug Special Birthday Gift 1

Kids' Art on a Mug


Kids’ art on a mug is our unique concept and make in ideal birthday gift.

Do you have a favourite drawing or art from your child from Kindi or preschool ?

We can print it onto a mug, together with the name and date for you to keep as a special memento.

Your child will be so proud to see their masterpiece on display or being used by you.

A special gift for grandparents, aunts or special people in your child’s life.

Kid's Art Mug

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Personalised Kids’ Name Mugs Unique Gift 1

Personalised Kids' Name Mugs

Personalised Kids’ Name Mugs

Personalised kids’ name mugs make an ideal birthday gift. Your child can have their own name mug with their name on it.  These mugs come with a choice of pictures from the range of My Very Own Story personalised books.

If your child already has a book from My Very Own Story range of books then we can print a mug with their name and picture from their very own personalised book.

The range of books are A Day at the Zoo, My Train Adventure, A Day at the Farm, The Giant Turnip, Too Many Monsters, The Fairy, The Princess Ballerina and My Christmas Adventure. Check them out.

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