Children’s Books – Enlighten and Entertain Your Kids

Every child loves to spend some time reading the exciting books that tell them about the various things related to life and fantasy. The books for kids are specially written to entertain and educate them. If certain lessons have to be taught to children then they need to be presented in an exciting and interactive manner. Children love to read stories that have interesting characters and wonderful plots. A child would not respond very excitingly about the serious and complex subjects in the books. In order to imbibe in children a better understanding of various things and teaching them different lessons it is important to offer them text with great illustrations and fun filled stories.

To serve this purpose children’s books are written for kids keeping in consideration their interest and liking. These books cover various topics and subjects. The exciting stories and fables of fantasy characters really attract the kids. The little ones find it lovely to read books with vivid pictures and graphics. They learn the basic things like alphabets, numerals etc with the help of pictures and patterns. The books for kids can be classified into various categories like Early age books, traditional story books, fiction story books, informational and books based on specific subjects like science, environment etc.

The books for young children are primarily intended to teach them simple nursery rhymes etc. The story books that reveal the interesting and fantasy tales like fairy tales, adventure stories etc are very popular amongst the kids. They love to read the stories of Ugly Duckling, Snow White and Red Riding hood etc.

various authors like Rudyard Kipling, Lewis Carol and Mark Twain etc have written some of the best fictional stories for kids. Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland and The Jungle Book are the few story books that have appealed to the children since ages.

One of the best selling children’s books for the kids in the recent times is Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. It is highly popular series with super successful stories like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Princess of Azkaban etc. It has been translated in 63 languages and has made record sales of 300 billion copies.

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