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How To Help Your Child To Become More Independent

How To Help Your Child To Become More Independent 1

Children should be given more responsibility as they grow older. When you perform the basic tasks for them, you are actually taking away their independence, making them depend on you and become helpless.

The following tips will help your child in gaining confidence and becoming more responsible.

  • Make a list of tasks that your kid can do on their own. For example, getting dressed or sorting out their toys. Discuss with them about the tasks they can do. Give them the tasks that they are ready for and let them know what’s expected of them.
  • Don’t expect perfection from your children. If they make a mistake don’t criticise them, just show them the right way to do things.
  • Allow enough time for them to finish a task as they take longer than adults to do things. Don’t pressure them and make them feel stressed. As they practice, they will get faster at their tasks.
  • Develop a Daily Routine. Children need routine to manage their responsibilities. Changing their daily routine will confuse them. Instruct them about when they need to complete certain tasks and remind them beforehand about the task.
  • Offer Praise. Children love to be recognized for the things that they do. If your child does something on their own, which they needed help with before, praise them. Give them encouragement when they feel frustrated.

Although it seems easier and quicker to do things for your children, just don’t. When your children do tasks on their own it develops their sense of responsibility. As they grow older they will be able to tackle new situations with ease.

Supporting responsibility and independence in children results in self-confident, respectful and resourceful adults.


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