How Do I Get My Toddler To Play Nicely With Other Children?


Between the ages of two and four years of age, children will want to interact with other children. These interactions are great for the child’s social development and can help them continue to grow and learn. However, children in this age group have not mastered their social skills and may have a difficult time playing with others.

Children are born with a selfish instinct. This is not a bad thing. It is necessary for survival. As the child grows, that instinct will show up periodically. One of those occasions may be while playing with another child or sibling. The young child may want a particular toy that another child has and will simply take the toy or actually hit the other child in order to get that toy. Obviously, this is not appropriate behavior, but the child is probably not aware of that.

This is where the parents must step in and use these little instances to educate the child about proper manners and social skills. The child is not purposely trying to be bad or mean. The child is just doing what comes naturally. Calmly explain to the child what he/she should do in the future when another child has a toy he/she wants. Teach the child the words necessary to ask for the toy politely, or explain to your child about sharing. Have the child practice their new words before allowing them to return to play.

Social interaction with other children should always be closely supervised by an adult. When the child plays nicely with another it is important they are given positive feedback about their behavior. Children need to be caught being good just as often as they are caught misbehaving.

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