How to Boost Children’s Self Confidence


When parents boost a child’s confidence they are sending a positive message to him/her that can follow them for the rest of their lives. How parents treat their children at an early age will determine their confidence level in the later years. Parents who boost their children’s self-belief are providing them with the tools to be successful in the world.

Children’s self-confidence is based largely on the way they are treated by the people who are important to them. Parents who respond to the needs of their children are building the foundation and trust that builds their self-worth. Children will grow up knowing someone in the world cares about them.

Children will encounter numerous negative people who will try to take away their self- worth, but parents should continue to boost their children’s confidence. Parents should continuously hug and kiss their children to reassure them how special they are. When children have problems at school or with peers, parents should be sensitive to their concerns, and try to give them a positive solution to their problem. Parents shouldn’t always agree with their children, but they should always listen to their concerns

As children grow up parents need to continue to show the same loving and kindness throughout their early years. Children are very receptive to the way they are treated, and if parents stop showing love and concern for their children, it could hurt the confidence of that child. Children will go through many challenges and changes while growing up, but if they have the support and love of their parents the journey will be easier and they will have the confidence to make the right decisions in life.

Sometimes parents have busy schedules and don’t have time for their children. Those parents should realize that every missed opportunity with their children could negatively impact their development. Parents need to understand that their children need time with them to have fun and build a strong bond that can never be broken. This can only happen if parents spend quality time with their children. Children know when parents are only pretending to have fun with them, so don’t fake time with children.

While watching children grow up, parents should take the time to observe what academic area seems to be important to them. If the child seems to love playing games with numbers, the parent might want to put the child into activities with the math involved. Once the child begins to improve their math skill and have fun at the same time, confidence will improve. Children like to be good at something (so do adults). As the child develops an interest in other academic areas the parents should horn in on those interests by putting them into activities that support that interest. The better they become in those areas the more confident they become.

Sometimes parents forget that children are people with opinions and concerns like other people. Children need to be respected just as if they were young adults. When children are giving their opinion about something the parent should listen attentively just as they were an adult. This gives the child the sense that you are truly concerned about what they are saying. This will make the child believe what he says is important and his parents do care. Once again confidence is being built.

The words a parent utilizes when talking to their children are also very important. Parents should try to be encouraging and positive when talking with children, and never use put-downs when addressing children. One of the quickest ways for children to lose their confidence is for them to be constantly put down. Parents should always try to uplift their children. Parents should try to frame their words to be more positive such as He is hyper, another way to say it might be, he is curious. He sure is stupid or you might say, he sure has an interesting personality. These little techniques could make a big difference in a child’s life.

Parents should always take the lead when it comes to picking who their children are let into their circle of friendship. Peer pressure is so important that parents should get to know the children who play with their children and what kind of parents they have. Sometimes this may be unpopular with their children.

Another way to build children’s confidence is to have them join a sports team, and if they develop to be good athletes their confidence will automatically improve. Even if children don’t develop into superstars, they will learn valuable lessons that will help them physically, mentally, and most of all build confidence. All children enjoy being good at something, so if sports is their thing, the parent needs to be supportive.

Over-all, the parent who spends time with their children, play with them, show affection toward them, encourage them, put them in positive activities, listen to them and make them feel important, are working toward raising confident children who will excel at school. Parents who work at being a good parent will raise confident children.

Source by Ronnie Phillips

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