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How To Help Your Child Cope with a Death In The Family

How To Help Your Child Cope with a Death In The Family 1

There are a lot of ways to show a child that is grieving and dealing with loss that you actually care. There are a few things to remember while you’re supporting a child through the grief. Keep the lines of communication open and encourage children to share their thoughts and feelings without pressuring them to do that. Try to earnestly listen to the child when they are telling a story about their loved one, whether a parent, a grandparent or someone else. The act of sharing stories can be help in the healing process of the child. Tell the child that it’s allright to feel emotions even feeling angry, and gently remind them that their loved one wouldn’t want them to feel that way.  Try to help a child to focus on happy memories of the person they are grieving and to celebrate these cherished moments whenever possible.

There are ways to help grieving kids to cope with loss. The following are a few tips in that direction.

Create and decorate a memory box. A child can fill it with items that remind them of their loved one, such as jewellery, photographs, pieces of clothing, glasses, favorite quotes, poetry, etc.

Help a child to write a letter or make a card to tell the person they are missing what they’ve been up to since that person passed away.

Create a memory book, which includes photographs of them with the deceased person as well as writing about their favorite memories.

Play their loved one’s favourite song.

Get a new picture frame to put the child’s favourite photograph of the deceased person.

It is important to give kids space and time to speak about their feelings and allow them to choose how they would like to remember their loved one.

When they are ready to share their feelings with you, listen with loving acceptance and without any judgement. There are no wrong feelings about grieving, and it’s okay if they choose not to participate in an activity.

Continue to encourage open communication with kids and create opportunities to remember the person who was so special to them.

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