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Personalised Kids’ CD Stories Unique Gift 1

Personalised Kids' CD Stories

Personalised Kids’ CD Stories

Personalised kids’ cd stories make your child the Star of thestories!

These unique stories grow with the child giving three reading levels with preschool.  The cd-rom develops their learning ability and is packed with interactive fun, games and puzzle and much more.  Each CD story is an interactive and personal adventure and there are eight cds in the full range.

Your Child’s name, their age, hometown, and even three friends appear throughout the story. You can choose the level of reading for your child. Once familiar with the story he can go up to the next level. There are puzzles, memory games and colouring pages that can be printed out with hours of entertainment for young and older children to share the same cd.

There is a recording feature to hear their reading and then swipe it clean and re record again.

A Day at the Farm, A Train Adventure, The Fairy, Too Many Monsters, The Red Planet,  Princess Ballerina, and A Day at the Zoo Christmas Adventure.

There are also the matching set of Personalised hard cover books which feature the child’s name and the first name of three friends who join them in the adventure.


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