My Train Adventure Personalised CD For Kids’ Interactive Learning


My Train Adventure Personalised CD

My Train Adventure personalised CD is about a ride on a steam engine. When the journey begins remarkable events start to happen; a scary bridge and a ride in the driver’s cab!

These personalised CDs are designed for you to install on your computer, you then personalise it yourself.

NOTE: Self Personalising CD – You enter your details before playing.

This interactive CD-Rom is full of surprises it is personalised with the child’s name, age, suburb, 2 friends and an adult featured in the story. There are 3 levels of reading, once familiar with level one the child can progresses to level two and then to level three with lots of memory games, puzzles and printouts to colour.

As the child reads the story there are fun interactive animations on each page to explore, with a click of the mouse make the birds fly, the flowers bloom, the animals vocal, doors and windows open and much more.


A personalised book of the same title is also available