What Is The Formula For Developing Successful Children?


If you want your children to be successful in school and beyond, the process starts with parents playing a significant role. Successful parents whose children grow up to be successful utilize some of the same techniques. Why reinvent some of those strategies when we can share their successes. This article will discuss some methods we have observed in hundreds of parents who have worked hard to ensure their children are successful in school and beyond.

Part of this successful formula begins with parents starting early as possible, reading, and talking to their children. Making sure children develop good reading skills is one of the most important skills children should learn. These parents have a scheduled time for reading activities each day, and as the children grow older, children accumulate lots of books. Children have their bookshelf in their bedroom to demonstrate the importance of books. Parents take children to the library and or bookstore on a regular schedule to try and develop a love of reading. If children have any difficulty reading on their grade level, parents purchase reading software and work with their child and the school to make sure they read at grade level or above.

This formula also involves parents working with children to develop good math skills. Parents begin by teaching children how to count and recognize numbers at an early age. Parents continue to ask children to count, add, subtract as they grow older verbally. Parents purchase math workbooks to learn and reinforce math skills. Children are allowed to buy items in a store, order items online with parent supervision. Parents give children lots of encouragement with math. Parents also purchase family games that utilize math skills and enroll children in activities that involve math skills.

Successful parents know how critical social and physical skills are to the successful development of children. Their children participate in summer activities, enrichment programs, learn how to play an instrument, and participate in sporting activities. This formula has children engaged in a variety of activities for their overall development. Parents try to cover all areas by monitoring their children’s friendships and keeping them around positive people.

This formula also includes developing children spiritually. This involves taking them to church and having them participate in some of the church activities. At church, children will have the opportunity to learn more about morals, values, and God. They will also get the chance to see people showing love for each other. The kindness demonstrated at church can go a long way with developing how children behave in life.

This formula is some of the basic steps parents have utilizes over the years to raise successful children. These steps are an excellent beginning for raising successful children, but parents shouldn’t stop learning what is needed for their children’s success because every child is different.

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