Would My Teenager Benefit From Life Coaching?

We hear more and more about life coaching in the media every day.

Maybe you aren’t quite sure exactly what it is?

When most of us hear the word “coach” we visualize someone with a whistle, out on a playing field, maybe shouting and waving a clipboard. He or she will guide the team through different plays and exercises, always with the idea that the end result will be a win.

Well, part of that description is true in life coaching as well.

However, life coaches don’t wear whistles, are usually seen in an office, never shout and i personally don’t think I’ve ever seen one wave a clipboard… Although I have seen some use them to lean on to take notes with a client.

What is true about life coaching and sports coaching is that both are working towards the same end: a win!

The difference is in the plays and exercises!

A life coach will help your teen find balance in daily life, assist them in planning the future, increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, help them find tools to simplify their lives, as well as getting them to tune in to their best qualities. Setting obtainable goals and honing their attributes and skills are also “plays” that a life coach will use to get a client where he or she wants to be and should be.

Back to the question at hand: “would my teenager benefit from life coaching?”

The answer is absolutely!

The young person who has enough self-esteem and self-confidence today is a rare find. Additionally, he or she often doesn’t have any clue what they want to do in life and the few that do, are not sure how to achieve that dream or lack the belief in themselves that the dream can become a reality. Teenagers are disorganized by nature and tend to complicate things that are simple and simplify things that are complicated. These are all areas in which a life coach is trained to help a client.

It is not unusual to find that teens will listen and react more effectively to an “outsider,” like a coach, before they will agree with or follow the suggestions of a parent. Life coaching is not therapy; therapy deals with the past. Instead, it is about the present and the future. Who is more interested in that then someone between the ages of 13 and 19? What parent doesn’t want to give their child every opportunity to be all that he or she can be and enjoy success as an adult?

A coach is an un-biased partner who will support your teen as he or she works toward adulthood, helping them deal with any road blocks that come their way and helping them to celebrate the “win!”

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