About Personalisation:

Personalised books for kids are an exciting way to surprise them and express your love. Our personalised storybooks are beautifully illustrated with stories for kids ages 4-12. Our storybooks turn reading into a new favourite habit. When a child recognises themselves in a book, message acquisition is enhanced, as they can directly associate themselves with the main character. Custom storybooks contribute to vocabulary development, improved reading skills, and imagination.

Our Personalised Storybooks:

Our stories for kids are exciting, kind, engaging and never boring. When a child opens a gift that includes their name and face, reading it becomes a whole new experience. A storybook about your child will teach them important real-world values and skills through reading. To personalise your child’s storybook even more, you may add a photo and dedication on the back cover.

Our books are created to nurture a love of reading.

Nothing is more powerful than watching a dream come true.

What could be better than sharing a fascinating story with your child — complete with a hero who looks just like them? As you choose a story template tailored to the interests of your child, you open the door for a unique opportunity to bond and encourage their love of reading. There’s no better time to broaden their imagination away from a screen!

We fill our children’s content with an emphasis on kindness and a belief in their own possibilities. Stories provide a unique way to communicate knowledge and values through the words and actions of its characters.

When you create an avatar of a child, you become a co-author of the book, and involve yourself in the adventure. This kind of personalized book will stand as a special addition to their bookshelf, a favorite childhood treasure, and a family memory they’ll recall for many years.

Our Stories for Kids:

“On a Crab Island” is a personalized book that takes children on a summer island adventure. They will discover inhabitants and help them with a real problem — plastic waste and a friend in danger. In this beautifully illustrated custom storybook, children will find themselves being brave and responsible while having fun with seaside friends. Available in Arabic, English, and Spanish

“Robot Friend”  takes a child on an unforgettable adventure. They will help a robot left over from a Mars mission learn how to assimilate in school and also show it how humans live. Along with teaching your child how to be understanding and kind, this story also encourages them to be curious about learning new things. It answers the question, “What really makes us different from robots?”

“Making dreams come true” – Embark on a magical journey and learn the secrets of making dreams come true with the help of Berry Fairy. This heartwarming tale teaches children the importance of kindness, determination, and the magic that lies within their own dreams. Through captivating storytelling, young readers will be inspired to dream big, embrace determination, and conquer any fears that may stand in their way. This engaging book is available in Arabic, English, and Spanish

“Princess book”
Join your little princess on a magical self-discovery journey, where dreams are big, teamwork is key, and self-love shines through. This enchanting tale is perfect for bedtime, weaving a narrative that celebrates friendship and empowers young hearts.

“How Are You Today?” – Nurturing Emotional Intelligence
Embark on a journey of self-discovery with your child through this book. Crafted in collaboration with a Child Psychologist, this unique story is designed to help children aged 3 to 6 explore and understand their emotions. By delving into the world of feelings, your child will learn to identify various emotions and gain valuable insights on how to manage them effectively. Focused on themes of emotions, feelings, and self-love, this book serves as a valuable tool to foster emotional intelligence in young minds. Available in Arabic, English, and Spanish.

“Sweet Dreams” A Magical Bedtime Adventure
Ease your little rebel into a world of tranquillity with our enchanting bedtime book made of rhyming text and cozy illustrations. Tailored for ages 1 to 4, “Sweet Dreams” is a magical journey designed to create a peaceful sleep routine. The rhythmic flow of the text and soothing visuals will transform bedtime into a delightful experience for both parent and child. Available in Arabic and English, this book is the perfect companion to guide your little one into a night filled with sweet dreams and restful slumber. Embrace the magic of bedtime with this heartwarming tale!

“Grandma, I Love You”
Share the warmth of a grandparent’s love with this heartwarming book for ages 1 to 4. “Grandma, I Love You” is a beautiful journey illustrating the boundless love between a grandchild and their grandma. This touching story not only teaches the importance of loving family but also extends the message to cherish everything around you, fostering a sense of gratitude and appreciation. With themes of self-love and featuring prompts that enhance the interactive experience, this book becomes a precious keepsake for both grandparents and little ones. Available in English

“What Can You Do?” – Fun Reading with Animals
Embark on an engaging journey of early literacy with this delightful 26-page action book designed for ages 1 to 4. “What Can You Do” brings 22 charming animals to life, creating an interactive experience that fosters early language skills and instils a love for reading. Through rhyming text and playful illustrations, this book encourages young readers to explore the world of animals while developing a foundation for language development. Available in both Arabic and English

“I Love You!”
Express your love to the little ones in your life with this heartwarming book designed for ages 1 to 4. “I Love You!” allows you to personalize the book, creating a special and unique experience to show how much you love them every day, just because. This tender story, ideal for bedtime, not only celebrates the bond between caregiver and child but also instils the importance of self-love. Let this personalized book be a cherished addition to your little one’s bedtime routine, filled with love and warmth. Available in both Arabic and English

A journey with Om Nom
Embark on a journey with Om Nom from the Cut the Rope animated series, specially crafted for children aged 6 to 10. In this creative and imaginative adventure, dive into a computer game and join forces to save its world from impending danger using the boundless power of imagination! This captivating story not only emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and determination but also highlights the joy of helping others. Available in both English and Spanish, “Name on OmNom” is a thrilling tale that sparks the imagination and encourages young readers to explore the limitless possibilities of teamwork and adventure. Let the creative journey begin!

“The Best Christmas Ever”
Make this holiday season unforgettable with “The Best Christmas Ever,” a heartwarming family gift that everyone will cherish. This delightful book allows you to create a unique Christmas gift by adding up to four family members. Capture the magic of the season as you personalize the story with the names and characteristics of your loved ones, making it a truly special keepsake. Share the joy of Christmas with this enchanting tale and create memories that will be treasured for years to come. This personalized family gift is the perfect way to celebrate the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season. Available in English

“Family book”
Celebrate the heart of your home with our enchanting “Family Book.” Tailored for all ages, this special creation is dedicated to the most cherished individuals in your life—Mom, Dad, and the entire family. It’s more than a book; it’s a heartfelt gift that captures the essence of love, strengthens family bonds, and immortalizes the precious memories created in the simple moments of life. Perfect for gifting to Mom, Dad, or the whole family, this book is a timeless reminder of the joy and happiness your loved ones bring to your world. Available in English and Arabic.

“The Greatest Adventure Duo”
Embark on an extraordinary journey with our personalised  book designed for two siblings — the “Greatest Adventure Duo.” Tailored for all ages, this enchanting story follows the dynamic duo on a thrilling quest to discover a very important treasure. Filled with adventure, teamwork, and the magic of imagination, this book is the perfect gift for siblings who love the joy of reading together. Strengthen the bond of family with themes of teamwork and friendship, creating a timeless keepsake that sparks the imagination. Available in English, let “The Greatest Adventure Duo” be a cherished addition to your family’s Storytime adventures.

Keepsake with prompts for mommy/daddy

Daddy, I love you
Fill in this book using the prompts on every page to make a treasured keepsake.

Mommy, I love you
Show her how special and loved she is. Smiles, hugs, and melting hearts are guaranteed!

Happy Father’s Day
To all the great dads out there! Express your heartfelt love and gratitude for all the things he does every day.

Happy Mother’s Day
Make your mom feel special this Mother’s Day and show how much you love her with a personalised book tailored for her.

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