Being a mother of two kids, serial entrepreneur and multicultural citizen, Anna Martha considers childhood a vital foundation for lifelong learning, mental health and behavior. Since 2008 Anna worked with app creation and successfully developed a series of mobile apps that were downloaded over 1M times and provided meaningful feedback and understanding of parents’ needs. All of her experience inspired Anna to create a series of children’s books.

Her books are focused on kids’ emotions, mental health and life values, which makes children confident to explore the world. She believes that books can strengthen the bond between parents and kids in the way of shared reading, discussing and learning.

For instance, the first book “Crab Island” raises important topics for kids such as taking care of the environment, as well as some crucial aspects of socializing like asking friends for help and helping others.

The second book – “Robot friend” helps to learn about the qualities of a true friend and find out what skills are helpful for making new friends.

The book “How Are You Today?” sheds light on the emotions that fill every child’s life, and normalizes them. This masterpiece introduces situations in which one experiences a wide spectrum of emotions and teaches that to feel is to live.

The most recent and best-selling book “Making Dreams Come True” shows kids how to figure out their dream, what the dream’s enemy is, and how to handle all this! This story is about a strong message to your children to reach their full future power and to deal with fears that stop us from achieving goals.

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