Janine Thomas grew up in Blackwater, a small coal mining town in north QLD.

After moving to Hobart, Sydney and Canada she finally settled down in Brisbane where she has now been residing for more than 20 years.

Janine has had other professions including journalism, writing news stories for a Canadian newspaper. After settling in Brisbane she works full time is now a Mum of 3 boys.

Her inspiration to write children’s story books came from her children. She understood the importance of reading to your child early in thier childhood. She wanted her children to be interested in reading, so she wrote stories that resonated with them at the time. Her children gave her the inspiration and the ideas to create. Putting thier name in the story made the story real to them and encouraged thier love for reading. 

Her children ended up co writing two of the books with Janine reinforcing their creativity and imagination, helping them to understand that their ideas are important. By writing personalised childrens books, Janine hopes that other children will be inspired to write, read and create boosting their self esteem and confidence as they read a story book from her collection. A story that is all about them.

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